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About me


Everything changes.You can make
a fresh start with your final breath.
(Bertolt Brecht 1940)

I have no tales of early Spiritual encounters or insights. Perhaps I am here to encourage other late starters!

After working for many years teaching  Children with Special Needs I suffered total burnout in 2000.  This prompted my 'break through' to a new way of thinking, believing and living. Whilst recovering I benefited greatly from Reiki treatments given by my niece Chris (who had always been a little 'odd' in her beliefs).  She said that I could also connect to this beautiful energy.  During the following years I took level 1,2 and 3. Here I will offer a little Spiritual 'warning' once you open the door to Spirit there is no telling where you will be led.

One evening during circle we talked about psychic art. Several people 'had a go' but I waited until I got home where I drew a small picture of a young woman. I practised this new skill and eventually drew for family and friends with some remarkable results.  I used pastels for about a year eventually tiring of the increasing pile of unknown faces I had aquired.

Anna, a Tarrot Reader, suggested I should try water colour and that I should discipline myself to working twice a week.  I followed this advice (although unimpressed by the thought of 'wishy-washy' water colour).  It quickly became evident to me that the work I was producing was something beyond my own ability.  My Art Guide soon found ways to make his presence known and is now occasionally joined by others who show themselves through different styles which I can recognise in my work.

Vivid colour, Orbs, feathers and faces are a feature of my work. I also paint large,single coloured orb pictures for individual sitters.  The faces in these Orbs represent the essence of loved one who has passed, an Ancestor, Guide or Helper who wishes to connect with the sitter.

By early 2010 I finally found the confidence to 'go public'.  I started selling prints and cards and painting Orb pictures at Mind Body and Spirit Fairs.


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